Sunday, March 17, 2013

Don't Spend it All In One Place

RIP Nana Celia Mares
by Debra Mares
She gave her time and money generously with the message, "don't spend it all in one place."  And indeed, she too followed this advice.  Born in Guadalajara, she lived through WWI & II, traveled from Mexico by train at nine-years-old after leaving an orphanage, learned English, and persevered through years working as a factory seamstress in the Los Angeles Garment District, sewing bathing suits.

She settled in a house atop Echo Park's Historic Stairs, loved animals including her rooster, and married Juan Mares, a respectable migrant worker who raised the bar of restaurant service waiting tables at Los Angeles’ landmark Taix French Restaurant.  She believed a good wife exuded qualities of both a mother & a mistress.

She prayed the rosary daily and couldn’t believe what I got myself into going to law school.  She taught me how to live holistically, drink tea, work hard, help others, iron well, apply lipstick, and appreciate a good mariachi and cerveza from time to time.

Again, "she's spending time in another place," this time - her resting place.  We'll miss you dearly Nana, but your spirit will never leave us.  Besos to her surviving family, Key, Auntie Coochie, Mom, Titi, Lu, Chi-chen, O & D.

Juan & Celia Mares

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