Sunday, July 7, 2013

This Ain't Your Average Staycation: How An Entrepreneur Spends His Days Off

I recently had the pleasure of a staycation with one of my oldest friends. I met Scotty in a Speech & Debate class at UCLA when I was 21.  He recently reminded me of his first memory-Me wearing a brown sweater, jean cut off shorts & clogs. I reminded him of mine-his awkward delivery of his speech on Vitamin K.  He wasn't the greatest orator, but from that day on, it lead to a life long friendship.  Scotty and I took different career paths. I went to law school and he became involved in entreprenurial adventures, investing, media & music. He built an empire, selling one of his companies at a young age, allowing him to retire; yet he kept working.  He's one of the most ambitious, successful and disciplined individuals I know. 

His side-by-side Porshe 911 and Maserati may speak to that on the surface, but it's the structured and disciplined life I've observed on our staycation that is the true testament to his success.  His daily regimen and hard working attitude leaves no room for failure.  I've captured some of the lessons I've learned and hope to continue after this staycation.  Read & follow with caution: they are not for the weak-minded.

-wake up at 5, retire at 11, every day without exception
-hit the gym first thing in the morning, everyday 
-end the day with conversation & tea
-avoid abusing substances until you're 60 & have raised 2 kids, then consider it your right!
-eat right, fresh & preservative-free
-spend money first on things that return an investment
-Never buy more than you need, even if you have the means 
-Have a staycation whenever possible
-keep connected with friends & don't forget their birthdays
-walk fast, not like a turtle
-leave your phone at home once in a while
-never settle when it comes to finding your lifelong partner
-end relationships that are not going anywhere
-get sun often, but no more than an hour at a time
-be transparent & communicate well
-always give back with no strings attached & don't tell anyone
-even though life is not fair, learn how to live yours the best!

Thanks Scotty for a wonderful staycation and some lessons along the way! Xo

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